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The AHTA is Anguilla’s oldest and largest Membership Association and is a PRIVATE SECTOR organisation wholly funded by membership subscriptions and fundraising events. It currently has over 250 active members - including all the major hotels, villa management companies, restaurants and tourism related services in Anguilla.
It is with great pleasure that the Antigua Hotels & Tourist Association welcomes you to the beautiful islands of Antigua and Barbuda. There is so much to discover on the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda. With 365 of the best white sandy beaches in the Caribbean there is always that ideal spot to relax and unwind and enjoy the sparkling clear blue waters. There are also a host of historic treasures to explore and learn about the fascinating past of these islands.
AHATA is one of the most unique and progressive hotel and tourism entities in the Americas. For more than four decades it has made significant contributions by bringing together private sector ideas and funding in support of Aruba's tourism industry and the community at large. AHATAs role is to provide membership value and services in the areas of education, business intelligence, advocacy, quality, safety, security and the preservation of our environment, among others.
The tourism industry plays a most important role in the Bahamian economy and the hotel sector makes a major contribution in this effort. The Bahamas Hotel Association (BHA) represents the interests of the country's leading hotels and a large allied membership of companies that support the industry.
The Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association is a not for profit private sector trade association and one of the largest non-governmental associations in Barbados. We exist to serve the interests of our diverse membership of over 300 tourism and non-tourism entities, both local and international. Although we represent over 80% of the total accommodation room stock of the island, over 60% of our membership base consists of non-accommodation entities, including activities and attractions, airlines, restaurants, real estate agents, tour representatives, retailers, local and international trade and consumer press, advertising and public relations agencies, technology providers, consultants, and suppliers of goods and services, consultants, cruise service providers and tourism students. Our primary goal is to facilitate the sustainable growth and development of our local tourism sector, to the benefit of our members, our country and the people of Barbados.
The Belize Hotel Association (BHA) is a non-profit, non-government organization and Belize’s oldest private sector tourism organization. Its membership is comprised primarily of accommodation providers including hotels, resorts, lodges, condominiums, educational facilities and home-stays with allied members including tour operators and ancillary businesses that service the hospitality industry. The BHA works diligently to support the sustainable growth of member hotels and the tourism industry in Belize through global marketing initiatives, private and public sector partnerships and training opportunities aimed at increased standards and professional service. Above all, the BHA is committed to ensuring that visitors Belize receive quality service at a fair price.
On behalf of the Government and the people of Bermuda, welcome to our island paradise. Bermuda will seduce your senses with its breathtaking natural beauty, pink-sand beaches and stunning turquoise waters. Even more alluring and welcoming is our friendly people, who will greet you with a “Good morning” or “Good afternoon.” Bermuda has so much more to keep you entertained and relaxed during your vacation. Known the world over for its distinctive historical architecture, we hope you will have an opportunity to explore some of our finest features, such as the 17th-century Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the City of Hamilton and Royal Naval Dockyard.
Bonaire is a beautiful island in the Caribbean that offers world-famous scuba diving and snorkeling with its pristine, clear waters. The intimate size of Bonaire allows all our guests – new and returning – to explore everything that we have to offer. In addition to being a diver’s paradise, Bonaire has a wide range of nature and outdoor activities to keep you busy. There is kite boarding and windsurfing in the majestic, blue ocean, kayaking in the mangroves or calm bay and mountain biking or bird watching on land. As an environmentally-aware community, we take great pride in the preservation of our natural treasures on Bonaire. Whether you live in Bonaire or only come to visit us on a vacation or business trip, you can enjoy the unspoiled and unforgettable experience of our island.
If you are planning to visit our very special islands, you can rely on our members to provide the best service and highest quality available whether traveling for business or pleasure.
Located in the Western Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are located about 480 miles (770 km) south of Miami, 150 miles (240 km) south of Cuba, and 180 miles (290 km) northwest of Jamaica. There are three separate islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. Inundated with the vibrant tropical colours of the lush Caymanian flora, bright coral reefs, flourishing marine life and exotic native birds, the Cayman Islands are a showcase of natural beauty. The islands are the peaks of a massive underwater ridge, on the edge of the Cayman Trench, which goes to a depth of 8000 feet. We are correctly called 'The Cayman Islands' or 'Cayman' (sound like a local by putting the emphasis on the second syllable--CayMAN). We are a British Overseas Territory, with the governor appointed by the Queen and the premier elected locally in a general election.
The Curaçao Hotel Association was established on April 3, 1967. In 1982 the Constitution was amended to change the name to Curaçao Hotel and Tourism Association (CHATA), to allow the participation of non-hotel tourism partners. In 1998 the name was changed to Curaçao Hospitality And Tourism Association (CHATA) to illustrate the development of the association towards becoming the representative organization for the entire hospitality and tourism industry in Curaçao. At present, CHATA's membership includes hotels and apartments, airlines, car rentals, restaurants, touroperators and destination management, attractions, the airport, the ports authority and ports services, industry and trade development, World Trade Center, advertising and publishing, banking, insurance, training and consultancy, resort development, dive operators, shops and other tourism related businesses.
The Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association (DHTA), first established in 1972, is a non-profit organization providing centralized and innovative information, advocacy, and leadership for the tourism industry in Dominica. Operating as a membership-based tourism development organization for over four decades, the Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association is a focal point for the tourism industry in Dominica. The DHTA assumes a leadership role in the industry, and acts as a catalyst for enabling Dominica’s tourism economy to reach its full potential to the benefit of our current and future members, visitors, investors and travel partners, citizens and the Commonwealth of Dominica.
Asociación Nacional de Hoteles y Restaurantes de la República Dominicana
Grenada Hotel Association
Association des Professionels de l'Hôtellerie et du Tourisme de la Guadeloupe
Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana
The Tourism Association of Haiti (ATH) is a national non-profit association, founded in 1951 by tourist operators and state-approved in 1956. Originally consisting only of hotels, it opens over time to other branches of this industry activities. The mission of HUD is to be the voice of different sectors the Tourism Industry. As such, it represents, protects, supervises, trains and informs its members to enable them to adapt to new realities and improve business performance. Since January 2013, HUD consists of a new Executive Board, which has set a priority mission to supervise its members to improve the structure and quality of their business. Today, ATH has a hundred members operating in the following sectors: Hotel, Restaurant, Art Galleries And Craft, Airlines, Travel Agents Receptive Agencies, Tour Operators, Marina, Land Transport, etc ... It Attractions also many affiliates belonging to various branches of activities providing products and services to members.
Established in 1961, the Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association is the organization, which represents Jamaican hotels, other visitor accommodations as well as most suppliers of goods and services to the tourism industry. The main aim of the JHTA is to promote the development of Jamaica’s hospitality industry and to represent the interests of its members in all fora, locally, regionally and internationally JHTA promotes the interests of its members with government and its agencies, with other elements of the private sector and with international organizations. Through its association and representation on the Boards of Directors of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) and the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) it ensures a strong voice for its membership in the development and marketing of Jamaica’s tourism. The JHTA is a major member of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica. Its participation ensures a leading role for the private sector’s interests in the policies and programmes of the PSOJ. Internationally, JHTA is affiliated with the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association. This valuable liaison provides the JHTA with the opportunity to secure critical information and exposure for its members.
Club des Hôteliers de la Martinique
The Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association (PRHTA) represents the shared interests of its more than 570 corporate members, including hotels, restaurants, tour companies, suppliers of hospitality goods and services, airlines, cruise lines and educational institutions. We are the primary voice of Puerto Rico's hotel and tourism sector, dedicated to representing, marketing, promoting, protecting and reporting on our industry. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to Puerto Rico's standing as one of the world's finest tourism destinations through a variety of creative marketing strategies.
Luxe, calme et volupté,… Saint—Barthélemy pourrait se référer à Baudelaire en y ajoutant ses atouts, uniques dans le monde des destinations d’excellence : douceur du climat et de la vie, service, qualité dans tous les domaines. Saint-Barthélemy vous accueille, Saint-Barthélemy vous charme. Que vous vous sentiez d’humeur « sieste », ou « aventure et découverte » tant des paysages que de la mer et de ses nombreux loisirs, ou tout simplement prêts pour du shopping, vous êtes comblés. Des tables exceptionnelles, des hôtels raffinés, un accueil chaleureux et personnalisé et, cerise sur le gâteau, une sérénité propre à Saint-Barth, tout concourt à faire de votre séjour une pleine réussite et un souvenir qui vous poussera à y revenir. Saint-Barthélemy la mythique, reconnue par les initiés comme clef de la porte du bonheur. L’Association des Hôtels et Villas vous invite à découvrir cet Eden tel que vous pouviez le rêver. Avec de petites capacités d’accueil, chaque établissement hôtelier, chaque hébergement – synonymes de calme, d’élégance, d’exception – vous accueillera en hôte privilégié.
The St Kitts and Nevis Hotel and Tourism Association is proud to welcome you to St Kitts and Nevis on behalf of our membership, which consists of Hotels, Plantation Inns, Guest Houses and Business that are allied to the Tourism Industry. The Visitor Magazine which is published by The St Kitts and Nevis Hotel and Tourism Association will give you a clear idea of what the Twin Island Federation has to offer you whether you are planning a visit or you are already on our beautiful shores. I know you will enjoy your vacation in our stunning Federation, so please just relax and dream of warm Caribbean waters, great Resorts and a warm and hospitable people. The food is also great.
The SLHTA represents its membership’s collective contribution to St. Lucia’s Tourism by integrating the diverse talents, knowledge and expertise of its membership. The SLHTA is governed by a Board of Directors comprising representatives from various sections of the tourism sector. This structure is strengthened by a Secretariat, headed by an Executive Vice President and focuses on these main activities:
The SHTA is the largest private business representative on the island. The company is dedicated to bringing quality to all aspects of life on Sint Maarten. With the businesses environment on St. Maarten evolving at a record pace, it is good to know that you have someone to turn to for questions, problems and most importantly answers. Furthermore the SHTA offers a number of direct benefits to increase your bottom line, employee satisfaction and service and socio-economic impact on the island. The SHTA has a proven track record of over 25 years of consistent and professional services to its members.
The Hotel Association of Saint Martin offers you all the information on the island of St. Martin / St. Maarten to make your stay a memorable and unforgettable memory... Everyone here is convinced that our guests are first and foremost friends ... and we will do our maximum to make you fall in love with St. Martin... st martin hotels The island of St. Martin - St. Maarten Clash of cultures and landscapes, mixture of peoples coming from all countries, bright colors, and turquoise seas... St. Martin / St. Maarten is a unique island with its beaches, its activities, shopping and renowned restaurants, unique in the Caribbean. The Hotel Association of St. Martin is pleased to present you the island of St. Martin, the "Friendly Island" : : its geography, history, climate and weather, beaches, what to do and what to see... in a word all about St. Martin and how to enjoy this island made of a thousand faces !
The St Vincent and the Grenadines Hotel and Tourism Association (SVG-HTA) was established in 1968 to promote closer fellowship with members on the mainland and throughout the Grenadines, to promote good relations between hotels and business houses and to foster a good working relationship with the Government. We are a non-profit organisation registered under the Companies Act, chapter 219 and bearing the registration #114 of 1968. Operating costs are supported by member's dues. In addition, the Association operates a restaurant on the upper level above the check-in counters at the E. T. Joshua Airport in Arnos Vale, St. Vincent.
he main focus of the SHA: the SHA looks after the interest of their members and helps promote and improve the hotelaccomodation sector and tourism in Suriname On our website you will find information about the SHA, our members and also news concerning the tourism industry in Suriname.
The Trinidad Hotels Restaurants and Tourism Association was formed to be the main private sector representational body for the industry performing a pivotal role between the policy makers (Government), policy implementers Tourism Development Company (TDC) and the private sector. Members of the Association comprise hotels, restaurants and companies that provide goods and services to the industry. The benefits of membership in the THRTA include the following: Effective lobbying for tourism (Tourism Development Fund, TTTIC Certification and the TTBS Accommodation Standard, Hotel and Guesthouse Room Upgrade Incentive Project) Opportunities for members to network and display their goods and services at General Meetings Marketing coordination and facilitation. Product development and tourism awareness programs Research and data collection on tourism development (Smith Travel Report) Inclusion on the THRTA’s social media platforms (new website, Facebook, blogs etc) Affiliation with the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association Support of student/industry scholarship applications (Trinidad and Tobago receives every year scholarships from the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Education Foundation Scholarship Program. In 2013 we received six scholarships) Benefit from Grant funded projects (co-funded participation at the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association Marketplace in Bahamas in January 2013; co-funded promotional video production for ten hotel members) Member representation at travel trade shows (for members who are not able to fund attendance at major trade shows like WTM and other international events in which the Tourism Development Company participates) Established strategic alliance with Regatta Travel Solution to provide the THRTA with a collective booking engine for members through the creation of the website. Aid in the development of the food and beverage sector through the training and development of the National Culinary Team for regional and international culinary competitions
Our website introduces you to all of our members - more than 100 approved accommodation providers, restaurants and all of the other service providers to the Tobago Tourism industry that you may be looking for. To plan or book your perfect vacation - from diving to tours to wedding planners and much more! To assist you, you can enjoy more Tobago videos, reviews and real-time booking systems here, than on any other Tobago travel website. If you are looking for a tropical paradise with the oldest rainforest reserve in the western hemisphere, panoramic views, beaches, waterfalls, sailing, diving, water sports and superb restaurants. Tobago offers it all...
Come explore what we have to offer: Start with a choice of a complete range of accommodations, from magnificent five-star resorts, to comfortable and family-style hotels and inns, to private seaside villas. Conveniently within reach of tantalizing restaurants, spirit-enriching spas, and world class water sports, golf and activities. All set against the backdrop of our legendary aqua-marine waters and miles of uncrowded powdery white beaches – called the Best in the World. Easy to get to. Difficult to leave. Find out for yourself what others are discovering every day.
From the beautiful turquoise waters surrounding our islands to the warm and culturally rich communities, the US Virgin Islands is Americas Paradise in the Caribbean. Well-known for our spectacular beaches and beautiful warm climate, it’s this unique combination that beckons visitors to enjoy their time and let the island rhythms take control. With an abundance of activities, accommodations, and vacation packages for all budgets including all inclusive resort packages, the US Virgin Islands truly is a destination for all travelers.
Asociación de Hoteles de Cancun y Puerto Morelos
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