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IslandCritic is the fastest growing Online review and deal website for visitors travelling the the Caribbean and the islands. IslandCritic review specialists and customers offer valuable insight online as to the services offered at different attractions, tours, hotels and vacation rentals. In addition, IslandCritic supplies avid travelers with the latest deals from the travel industry within the islands. IslandCritic is an online travel resource and research tool useful  for anyone that is planning a vacation. 

IslandCritic is based out of Caribbean, and is made up of travel and hospitality professionals that understand the Islands travel marketplace . Island Critic brings together travel professionals as well as promote open communication. 

 "To ensure authenticity, IslandCritic verifies each Traveler Review by confirming that the reviewer has stayed at the property within the past three months."
  • We pay close attention to the highest praising reviews as well the most damning ones - particularly if they sit at odds with other reviews.
  • IslandCritic is very trustworthy and useful. Always rely on comments especially when these comments are repeatedly making similar assertions.
  • Always take into consideration detailed reviews - they are normally less likely to have been fabricated.
  • Reviews with photos are more likely to be authentic.
  • IslandCritic let you filter reviews in a very detailed way.
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